What's New?


KMS reached an agreement to represent this Shark Tank invested company and their apple cider vinegar beverage for all their bottle bill compliance work as they roll out nationally.

October 2020

Two New Brands

KMS Consultants has been retained by two fast growing brands in the non-alcoholic segment. Our bottle bill compliance knowledge will allow them to concentrate on growing their brands. Both Hal's New York Seltzer and Hint Fruit Infused water are poised for tremendous growth. We at KMS are pleased to be affiliated with both brands.

April 2020

Cloud Water

KMS Consultants is representing another brand in the exploding CBD infused segment. We will take on all their bottle bill compliance work.

March 2020


KMS Consultants is pleased to add Daytrip Beverages and their CBD infused flavored sparkling water as a client. We will be doing their bottle bill compliance work.

February 2020


KMS consultants has reached an agreement to do the bottle bill compliance work for OXIGEN water. See www.drinkoxigen.com for brand information.

January 2020

The Association of New Jersey Recyclers (ANJR)

Nick Stefanizzi and KMS Consultants became a member of ANJR, The Association of New Jersey Recyclers.

April 2019

6 Hour Sleep

KMS Consultants has reached an agreement to represent the 6 Hour Sleep supplement product. The product is a drug free, pure sleep product, that contains no calories and is made with natural ingredients. 6 Hour Sleep is already available on Amazon and will be coming to the general market soon.

March 2019

KMS Advisory Team

Nick Stefanizzi had a meeting recently with Lisa Schieli, to discuss recycling practices and standards in NJ. Lisa is the Certified Recycling Professional for the boroughs of Maywood, Lodi and the city of Hackensack in NJ. We spoke about my interest in potential recycling opportunities for KMS . After our discussion I was pleased to have her agree to join my advisory team. Her knowledge will make her a tremendous asset for my company.

February 2019

New York State Assembly

Nick Stefanizzi met with Assemblyman Joseph Lentol last week to discuss bottle bill related issues concerning certain redemption center practices which are undermining the distribution network in NYS. Nick will be working with a member of Mr. Lentol's staff to address these issues with the appropriate state agencies.

January 2019

Aluminum Commodity

We are pleased to announce that we are marketing the aluminum commodity for two more premier distributors in NY, Pepsi-Canada Dry and Boening Bros.

December 2018

Polander Beer

KMS Consultants has been retained to handle national marketing and distribution for Polander Beer. The product will reach the USA from Poland in late June. We look forward to introducing this brand throughout the country.

May 2018

The Italian Tribune

The Italian Tribune has named Nick Stefanizzi as one of their 2018 Easter Honorees. According to the article, the honorees "are of exemplary moral character and conduct, spoken more often than not of their honesty, integrity, reliability, and unwavering dedication to fair and ethical business practices."

April 2018

Clare Rose

Nick Stefanizzi has announced that KMS Consultants will be marketing the aluminum commodity for Clare Rose Inc., an Anheuser Busch wholesaler for Nassau and Suffolk Long Island. "We are proud to add a third AB wholesaler as a client," Nick stated.

March 2018

D. Bertoline and Sons

KMS Consultants is pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement with D. Bertoline and sons, an Anheuser Busch distributor in Westchester, NY, to market their aluminum commodity.

February 2018

Perricone Hydrogen Water

KMS is pleased to announce an agreement with well known skin care/anti aging specialist, Dr. Nicholas Perricone to represent his new product Perricone Hydrogen Water for bottle bill compliance issues and sales consulting.

August 2017

Manhattan Beer

KMS Consultants is pleased to announce they have been retained to assist Manhattan Beer with Redemption/Bottle Bill Compliance issues. "I am excited about the prospect of working with this prestigious company going forward." said Mr. Stefanizzi.

February 2017

Bonfun Spirits and KMS

KMS consultants has reached an agreement with Bonfun Spirits to expand distribution and sales of their product line. This exciting and innovative product is a wine infused with cognac. This cutting edge product is poised for a major impact in the marketplace.

December 2016

Liquid Ice Energy and KMS

In a joint statement with Michael Lam, owner of Liquid Ice, Nick Stefanizzi announced that KMS Consultants had been appointed to represent Liquid Ice Energy Drink in the Northeast market. "We look forward to taking this excellent product to the market position it deserves, among the leaders of the category."

May 2016

Leo Van Munching Jr.

"It was a sad day Sunday as I heard of the passing of Leo Van Munching Jr. Leo was a remarkable man who grew the Heineken brand into the number 1 imported brand in the USA while it was represented by Van Munching & Co. He was an accomplished entrepreneur whose integrity was at the core of his management style. It was truly a privilege to have worked for him."

Nick Stefanizzi, February 2016

"Best of New York" Award

Nick Stefanizzi was honored by the Italian Tribune publication with their "Best Of New York" award. The Italian Tribune is America's premier Italian American Newspaper. This award is presented by them to persons considered among the most distinguished Americans of Italian descent, who have honored Italian American Heritage, Culture and Traditions.

December 2015

Coney Island Carlo

"It is with true sadness that I report the passing of Carlo Fodera, known to many of us as Coney Island Carlo. This fun loving and creative entrepreneur who merged quality distilled spirits and wine with the tattoo industry was truly respected for his marketing ideas. He was driven to put the best out there in anything he undertook and I will miss him as a client but mostly as a friend. May the Coney Island Carlo persona he created give him a bit of

Nick Stefanizzi, November 2015

FUN WINE launches in NY

Union Beer and Decrescente Distributors introduced Friends Fun Wine in NY in May. Fun Wine is now available in Metro NY, Long Island, Westchester and 11 counties in upstate NY. The CVS drug store chain has authorized Fun Wine for sale in all their stores.

June, 2015

KMS Consultants and Friends Fun Wine bring FUN WINE to the Northeast

The Fun Wine Company believes that life should be fun, and the world is your playground. That's why they are leading a drink category that never existed before - FUN WINE - a low alcohol, low calorie, flavored wine in a can! They artistically mix wine, fruit flavors and FUN - and they put it in a can just for you.

February, 2015

Bringing Friends & Family together for over 100 years

Nick Stefanizzi announced that KMS Consultants will be bringing Czar Red Vodka East. This exciting flavored Vodka has its roots in Poland over 100 years ago and stems from a traditional Polish family recipe. Czar Red Vodka is positioned to become the flavored Vodka of choice. STO LAT!

January, 2015

Skinny Freezers Come East

Slim Chillers announced that KMS Consultants has brought their product to the northeast. Initial introduction will be at Dichello Distributing in CT and Konrad beer distributor and Quality Spirits in NJ, sometime in June. Skinny Freezers are an innovative product that uses 8 times distilled, triple filtered vodka to create the best tasting frozen vodka martini in 4 flavors.

June, 2014

Jamaica's Finest Cocktail & Mixes - Rum Punch

KMS is representing an authentic Jamaican Rum Punch cocktail that is one of the many wonderful cocktails that have been made in Jamaica for decades. This Jamaican Rum Punch is a delicious blend of Rum, Real Fruit Juices, Spices, etc. that can be enjoyed directly from the bottle. "Grab a bottle and your vacation never has to end."

January, 2014

The Original Reduced Calorie Martini

KMS Consultants reached an agreement to represent the Tiny Tini product line.This innovative ready to drink cocktail was created to offer consumers a guilt free indulgence at just 35 calories per ounce and a delicious alternative at 18% alcohol by volume. The product comes in six unique flavors to satisfy the most adventurous palate.

October, 2013

A New York debut for Leibinger

Kyle Collins, the importer for the Leibinger Brewery announced that KMS Consultants and S.K.I. Beer had reached an agreement to bring the product line to New York. Nick Stefanizzi said, "S.K.I. Beer is the premier craft and specialty distributor in the N.Y. market. These unique German products are a perfect complement to the S.K.I. brand portfolio. We look forward to a long term partnership with them."

September, 2013

A "Diamond" from the Island of Jamaica

Shane Brown of World Water Enterprise in Jamaica and Nick Stefanizzi of KMS announced an agreement to bring Island's Gem spring water to the U.S. market. Gem spring water is imported from the famous Blue Mountains of Jamaica, the highest mountain range on the island, known for its untouched habitat, fine vegetation and endless stream of pure natural water.

July, 2013

Rize in talks with NFL

Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks, creator ofRize performance drink, has announced he is engaged in talks with the National Football League regarding a nutritional concussion regimen involving the Rize product. Rize is the first beverage to utilize Trehalose, an anti-inflammatory ingredient. Rize currently has a cult-like following among cyclists, NFL players, UFC fighters and other athletes because of its proprietary formulation of new health based ingredients.

June, 2013

Leibinger product line expanding distribution into New Jersey

Nick Stefanizzi announced that KMS Consultants had reached an agreement with "Chip" Banko, owner of Banko Beverages, to represent the Leibinger product line in New Jersey. Warren Distributing in Flanders, Warren Distributing South in Blue Anchor, and Hub City in Lawrenceville will introduce the product line some time in June.

May, 2013

Coney Island Carlo wins spirits awards

The San Francisco 2013 World Spirits Competition announced the winners of their annual competition. Coney Island Carlo was awarded a double gold for his vodka and a gold for his bourbon. These testimonials to the quality of the product complement the unique packaging of these outstanding premium spirits. Nick Stefanizzi stated "KMS Consultants is pleased by the opportunity to represent these fine products."

April, 2013

Zeppelin comes to Pennsylvania

KMS Consultants has reached agreements with Banko Beverages in Allentown, PA, and Tony Savatt distributors in Pittsburgh, PA, to bring Zeppelin beer and the entire Leibinger Brewery product line to the state of Pennsylvania. This product line of specialty brews is perfectly positioned for success in the current craft-beer environment.

April, 2013

KMS to represent innovative wine product

Nick Stefanizzi announced that KMS Consultants will be representing Heavenly Light Wines, a lite wine imported from Italy. This cutting edge product has 20% less calories than the average wine while maintaining an 11% alcohol by volume content. This combination of a quality product, with lower calories and a significant alcohol content is unprecedented in the industry.

March, 2013

KMS reaches agreement with Coney Island Carlo

Nick Stefanizzi announced an agreement to represent the spirits and wine portfolio of C & C spirits. "We look forward to building a national network of distributors for this outstanding product line. The quality of these products along with its unique packaging and the marketability of the Coney Island Carlo persona make for an exciting entry into the marketplace."

February, 2013

KMS to expand distribution of award-winning Bimber vodka

Myssura Trading announced that their Bimber Vodka, a product imported from Poland, was awarded a gold medal for packaging design by Beverage World magazine. This much awarded product had previously been named a best buy for spirits by Wine Enthusiast magazine and garnered a silver medal in taste at the 2010 San Francisco Spirits competition. Nick Stefanizzi stated that KMS Consultants will be expanding the distribution of this outstanding product in the northeast in 2013.

December, 2012